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Native vs Non-Native-Which is Better for Pollinators?

Native or non-native in the garden: Which is better? Simple- everyone knows the answer to that question…Natives of course! As gardeners, we have been bombarded with information about the value to wildlife of native plants and the more natives the better. Continue reading

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The Great Butterfly Bush Debate

Butterfly Bush, Buddleia davidii, has been getting a lot of bashing lately from garden writers, ecologists, and conservationists. Attacked from all sides by master gardeners and other garden professionals, I am sticking to my guns on the benefits and pleasures of planting it. Continue reading

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The Worst Garden Trends

There are some garden practices that should be outlawed, like zealous pruning, excessive mulching, and planting of Bradford Pear trees. There are others that are just silly, like dealing with garden snobs, or frustrating, the decline of honeybees. But the worst yet, is the rollout of new plant varieties that cost you a small fortune, and then promptly die.

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