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Tussie Mussie : The Victorian Art of Expressing Yourself

    Tussie Mussie, a nosegay or posie are small flower bouquets that were popularized in Victorian times.The term tussie-mussie comes from the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901), when the small bouquets became a popular fashion accessory. Typically, tussie-mussies include floral … Continue reading

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Plants at Your Fingertips!

Planted Furniture for the Patio I went to a cocktail party at a plant lovers house, saw his planted table and was enthralled! I was sure that I could create one just as good, if not better. I looked around … Continue reading

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Beware of the Buttercup Bully!!!

Have you seen this blooming on your property??? If your answer is yes, get ready to do battle!! This is a really nasty invasive that hales from Europe and Asia and is taking over North America. It is Ranunculus ficaria,  Lesser Celandine, or … Continue reading

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Brilliant! The Philadelphia Flower Show

Attention Plant Geeks! You still have time to visit the greatest flower show on earth! I just came back from doing my demo of fairy gardens at the Philadelphia Flower Show and took lots of pictures and video.  If you can’t … Continue reading

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Not Another Echinacea!!!

PowWow Wild Berry Echinacea Yes, That is exactly what I said when I heard about “PowWow Wild Berry” Echinacea a couple of years ago! I have tried dozens of Echinaceas that the garden hybridizers have churned out in the last couple of years … Continue reading

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Fabulous Fall Performers- The Best of the Best

Color in the Fall Golden Rod A succession of color and flowers is easy to produce in the spring and early summer, but once September hits, the show of blooms peeters out and it gets harder and harder for the garden … Continue reading

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