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Three For the Bees

Pollinators are flying and searching for nectar and pollen to take back to their colony and the pickings are slim until the rest of the spring flowers open. Help them out with container plantings to supplement their foraging efforts Continue reading

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Native vs Non-Native-Which is Better for Pollinators?

Native or non-native in the garden: Which is better? Simple- everyone knows the answer to that question…Natives of course! As gardeners, we have been bombarded with information about the value to wildlife of native plants and the more natives the better. Continue reading

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Pesticide Free Nurseries and Seed Companies

Keeping an organic garden means planting seeds and plants that haven’t been treated with Neonics. Find out which nurseries and seeds companies don’t use these chemicals. Continue reading

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Rearing Monarchs – Start With Milkweed

Rearing Monarchs in my house was one of my goals this year. But I needed a ready source of milkweed so I planted a milkweed and nectar meadow. Continue reading

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“Butterflying”, the hobby of observing and photographing butterflies is on the uptrend. Find out the best way to attract butterflies, the best places to see them in the wild, and tips to photograph them. Continue reading

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National Pollinator Week

Pollinator Week, June 20-26, has now grown to be an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles. Continue reading

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Bee Catnip-Pollinator Superstar

If you possess at least one square foot of sunny or partially sunny garden space, you should plant Catmint, or better known in the trade as Nepeta, for longevity of bloom, ease of maintenance, and attraction to pollinators. Continue reading

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Rotten Botany-Stinky Wonders of the Plant World

Who would have thought that foul smelling flowers are attractive to pollinators and other insects? Find out about three fascinating plants that attract pollinators with repulsive odors. Continue reading

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Bee Catnip-Mountain Mint

Top of the list is a little-known mint, called Mountain Mint for attracting pollinators of all kinds. Penn State trials have identified this plant as a bee magnet for sheer numbers of pollinators that it attracts. Continue reading

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Winter Aconites-The Bulb That Keeps Giving

Winter Aconites are easy to grow bulbs that herald the first sign of spring along with Snowdrops. Valuable as an early nectar and pollen source for honey bees and other pollinators, these sunny flowers should be in every garden. Continue reading

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