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Silvery Beauty-Silver Falls Trailer

Silver Falls, Dichondra argentea,┬áhas been in the gardening world for a while now but I don’t find that gardeners use it very often. Too bad! This plant makes an easy to grow spiller/trailer out of containers and a great low ground cover. Continue reading

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Impatien Alternative-SunPatiens

If you haven’t heard by now, common Impatiens are in trouble. Lots of shade gardeners are bemoaning this right now, and wonder what should they plant instead!!?? Continue reading

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Hellebores-Deer Resistant, Low Maintenance, Shade Loving Perennial

A well kept secret of garden enthusiasts, Hellebores should be more widely known to serious and not so serious gardeners alike; this is a plant that is worth seeking out. Continue reading

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Bee Catnip-Pollinator Superstar

If you possess at least one square foot of sunny or partially sunny garden space, you should plant Catmint, or better known in the trade as Nepeta, for longevity of bloom, ease of maintenance, and attraction to pollinators. Continue reading

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It’s a Small, Small, World-Mini Hostas

Miniature hostas like ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ are flying out of nurseries because of their versatility and ability to fit into small garden spaces. Continue reading

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Black Goes With Everything

Black flowers bring excitement and drama to the garden and can transform flower borders and containers from the expected to the extraordinary. Continue reading

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Springtime Viola Basket

Violas and pansies are budget friendly flowers that last for months in the spring and in the fall. Find out how to assemble an easy springtime arrangement using these fragrant beautiful blooms. Continue reading

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Blue Poppy Envy

The Himalayan Blue Poppy is a mythic flower and a much sought after garden gem by collectors. Longwood Gardens has a brief dazzling display of these blue stunners. Continue reading

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Bee Catnip-Mountain Mint

Top of the list is a little-known mint, called Mountain Mint for attracting pollinators of all kinds. Penn State trials have identified this plant as a bee magnet for sheer numbers of pollinators that it attracts. Continue reading

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Winter Aconites-The Bulb That Keeps Giving

Winter Aconites are easy to grow bulbs that herald the first sign of spring along with Snowdrops. Valuable as an early nectar and pollen source for honey bees and other pollinators, these sunny flowers should be in every garden. Continue reading

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