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Claire Jones is a landscape and floral designer and owner of Claire Jones Landscapes, LLC. She designs and helps people to create their own personal outdoor oasis and loves to write about her gardening failures and successes.

Blooming Hill Greenhouse-A Family Owned Business

Patronizing independent nurseries, not big box store chains, is an important part of my shopping for plants. Blooming Hill Greenhouse in Parkton, MD is one I go back to again and again. Continue reading

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All Season Containers

Who says you have to wait until the weather warms up to plant your containers? Start planting now with these cold tolerant plants for instant color. Continue reading

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Honeybee Nuc 101

Want to start your own beehive? The bee Nuc, a miniature working beehive is the best and fastest way to start. Continue reading

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Black Goes With Everything

Black flowers bring excitement and drama to the garden and can transform flower borders and containers from the expected to the extraordinary. Continue reading

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Rotten Botany-Stinky Wonders of the Plant World

Who would have thought that foul smelling flowers are attractive to pollinators and other insects? Find out about three fascinating plants that attract pollinators with repulsive odors. Continue reading

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Springtime Viola Basket

Violas and pansies are budget friendly flowers that last for months in the spring and in the fall. Find out how to assemble an easy springtime arrangement using these fragrant beautiful blooms. Continue reading

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Blue Poppy Envy

The Himalayan Blue Poppy is a mythic flower and a much sought after garden gem by collectors. Longwood Gardens has a brief dazzling display of these blue stunners. Continue reading

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Bee Catnip-Mountain Mint

Top of the list is a little-known mint, called Mountain Mint for attracting pollinators of all kinds. Penn State trials have identified this plant as a bee magnet for sheer numbers of pollinators that it attracts. Continue reading

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Winter Aconites-The Bulb That Keeps Giving

Winter Aconites are easy to grow bulbs that herald the first sign of spring along with Snowdrops. Valuable as an early nectar and pollen source for honey bees and other pollinators, these sunny flowers should be in every garden. Continue reading

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Cool Flowers-Early Spring Bloomers

Now is the perfect time to plant Cool Season Annuals for a quick pick me up color show after a cold winter. Larkspur, Poppies, Bells of Ireland, Calendula, Clarkia, and Love-in-the-Mist are great choices for your spring garden. Continue reading

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