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Claire Jones is a landscape and floral designer and owner of Claire Jones Landscapes, LLC. She designs and helps people to create their own personal outdoor oasis and loves to write about her gardening failures and successes.

Hummingbird or Butterfly? The Sphinx Moth is Unique

Many people confuse the quickly darting sphinx moth for a hummingbird. They look similar, act like a hummingbird, but are actually moths which are in the butterfly family. Continue reading

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Squash Birth Control- Squash Blossom Latkes

If you have an over abundance of summer squash, try nipping them in the “bud” and use the blossoms in tasty dishes. Continue reading

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Escape to Surreybrooke – A Destination Garden Center

Surreybrooke is a garden destination located in western Maryland and is worth a visit for all garden lovers. Continue reading

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Hillside Makeover-Transforming an Ordinary Slope into a Waterfall Oasis

A liability of a steep slope outside of a back door turned into an asset with the installation of a waterfall, ending with a pond at the base. Continue reading

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Dance With Bees-Honey Bee Communication

Honey bees exhibit an unique behavior when returning to the hive with nectar, the “waggle dance”. The dancing honey bee with its movements and odors can direct other foraging bees to the same locations to find good sources of pollen and nectar. Continue reading

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